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What is CrowdPoint Technologies?

CrowdPoint is a digital platform provider that unites AI, Compaction, and Blockchain Technologies.

CrowdPoint has a singular purpose: Defend and deliver dividends to you, the Human Identity. Since the beginning of time, Humans have driven commerce. It started as bartering, advanced to precious metals, paper scripts, and tender and now, it is digital. While the Human Identity has been exploited since the beginning of time, the scale in which it is happening today is unfathomable to the average person.

As a platform provider, we are doing the right thing. We are a trusted agent in an untrusted world working as silent professionals for you.

Our mission is to unite our Banking and Financial Services, with our Blockchain powered Digital Platform, Distributed Commerce and our Exchange system to deliver liquidity to the HUMAN IDENTITY as a consumer, investor or business owner.

All members of The Blockchain Ecosystem, powered by CrowdPoint,  believe the war on your identities is real.  

Our Blockchain Ecosystem leverages the commitment of our Ambassadors, Associates, Distributors, Resellers, Product Owners, Technicians, and YOU to benefit from Internet 3.0 powered by The Blockchain.

With increased connectivity, comes increased risk. Children are also online and connected to the outside world, and protecting them from risks like cyberbullying and online predators is our priority.

CrowdPoint's plan follows a "left of bang" approach to getting ahead of the Blockchain bubble burst and place the value of you, your Human Identity, before our own interests. Our global campaign is focused on enabling you to go on the offense inside of a strong online experience that is daring and dynamic defense, and the democratization of your Identity. The CrowdPoint approach is to position you to avoid being compromised with a "left of bang" approach to data.

We build Blockchain and Big Data AI Exchanges.

We offer a tangible and effective Blockchain Ecosystem strategy and technology.

With Blockchain technology, we can build new kinds of Marketplaces that are collectively owned by the participants. In a Marketplace, all participants can also observe the entire state of the market at any time, as opposed to in a proprietary platform, where only the platform owner has the full overview.