ElderPower - Frequently Asked Questions

Where is ElderPower made?

ElderPower is safely manufactured in an FDA Registered facility in Laporte Indiana. We always advise you to be extremely cautious when considering any homemade, unregulated syrups. Elderberries need to be both harvested and manufactured properly in order to be safe to consume. 

Does ElderPower require refrigeration?

YES. This is a fresh product with no preservatives and we suggest you refrigerate upon arrival for maximum potency and freshness, even if the bottle is unopened. 

How many milligrams of elderberry per serving? 

Each tablespoon of ElderPower contains 1,164mg of elderberry.

How much ElderPower should I take? 

The dosage suggestions are located directly on the label and are titrated per age.

How often should I take ElderPower? 

Dosage frequency is entirely up to the customer. Most individuals do choose to take ElderPower on a daily basis as a preventative, while others may choose to keep it stored in the refrigerator for times of acute illness, seasonal allergies, etc...

Is elderberry syrup better than gummies or capsules?

YES, fresh is best! The nutrients in liquid elderberry will always be more readily absorbed and easily assimilated by the body. Many of the nutrients in the berries are lost and oxidized during the grinding process prior to encapsulating. We do not endorse any form of gummies for this same reason; they also contribute to tooth decay in a big way, just ask your dentist! 

What happens if I consume too much elderberry?

It is important to remember that these are all food-based, whole-form ingredients. If too much elderberry is consumed the most common side effect will be loose stools. If this occurs, simply back off on the dosage amount and/or frequency. You know your body best!

Can infants and babies consume ElderPower? 

Due to the raw honey content in ElderPower, it is not intended for those under 1 year of age. 

Are there any allergy concerns?

Elderberries are part of the Caprifoliaceae family so those who have allergies to Honeysuckle should be cautious when consuming elderberries. We also recommend that you check our full ingredient list to see if you are allergic to any of the other ingredients. As with trying any new food or herb, we advise you to take a fraction of the dose at first and monitor for allergic reactions. You may then increase to the full dose, as tolerated.