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The fusion of #fintech and emerging #blockchain technologies are changing the world. So much so, that traditional banks like JP Morgan Chase are beginning to think like the big tech companies, such as Amazon.com Inc. and Google-owner Alphabet Inc., 

Unfortunately, they are tied to a Business Ecosystem model that exploits the same “winner takes all” principles that helped them dominate in their fields.

At CrowdPoint, we are a digital platform provider. 

Our digital platform is decentralized cloud technology powered by Vogon Blockchain.

This platform enabled us to build a Blockchain Ecosystem, which we call crwdworld. 

Unlike a #Business Ecosystem where the owners extract the most value, in crwdworld, the value is #shared with its participants. This value is stored in a new kind of wallet.

Participants can choose to use the value and purchase more products or invest in emerging companies and trade those security tokens for increased liquidity than public markets.

What we do and what we don't do with Vogon Technology

While we believe that our Vogon Technology is a much faster and more scalable blockchain technology, our focus is on decentralized cloud services designed into our Blockchain technology.  We are taking the best of what blockchain can do and combining that with the best of what enterprise software can do in order to try to help usher in a new age.

Today, Cloud service providers allow developers to launch their applications more quickly, without worrying about setting up and managing servers, but customers typically have limited options in terms of providers and functionality. The majority of cloud services and storage providers are subsidiaries of bonafide tech giants and dominate the cloud services market, accounting for about 70% of the total market share as of 2021.

Despite their popularity and widespread use, many centralized cloud storage providers have been criticized for their tendency to force end users into inflexible and expensive cloud services and storage plans due to a lack of viable alternatives. We think it's time for a change.

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Our idea shouldn't require users to place trust in the central authority of the provider to keep their application and data safe, keep websites online, and not tamper with or censor the content that the centralized data providers host. Vogon is a whole new technology stack enabling an entirely new methodology for digital clouds and storage: decentralized cloud services with data storage and access from our Vogon Blockchain.

Trying to compare ourselves to Ethereum or Bitcoin or any of the established or competing blockchains is a futile exercise because our goals and features are completely disjoint from the capabilities of those legacy platforms.

A blockchain is simply an immutable ledger that is cryptographically sealed and secured against tampering, fraud, and other malfeasance.  In and of itself, a blockchain is nothing more than a provable tamper-proof log of transactions.

Enter Vogon: A secured Decentralized Cloud that is anything but "A really slow database"

At CrowdPoint we recognize and support the fact that a private blockchain can be a fast efficient ledger for sharing information between a small network. Public blockchains can be slow trustworthy ledgers to provide access to public records.

In between these two types, there exists a massive spectrum of potential implementations; from financial instruments to provenance tracking. None is right or wrong, they are simply different ways of applying distributed ledger technology to achieve a purpose. However, they haven't been optimally deployed, in our opinion, until our Vogon Blockchain.

Choosing the right Cloud Services provider or database provider some are better than others, Just like you might use one database for a website or another for big data; there are no ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cloud services or database providers, simply technologies applied for differing purposes, and the trick as ever is to make sure that you pick the right one.

Blockchain is the same. While Cloud services and Databases come in different creations with many different purposes. Our version of the Blockchain was developed to solve many of the different creations and purpose challenges.

Vogon transactions are sewn into the blockchain collectively and synchronously by the same on-chain microservices that service real-time network web services to clients.  Because of this, integrating Vogon transactions into programmatic workflows is natural and a little different than using a database or other enterprise software.   Each interaction with a Vogon is through microservices hosted on the Vogon blockchain and responding directly to network connections.   There is no middleware, when you talk to a Vogon, that unique Vogon is participating to create the Blockchain and it is using blockchain microservices to communicate with you and to create and execute that transaction.   This model is unique and the foundation of the Vogon value proposition.

Want an alternative? Want a view of the future?