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Frequently Asked Questions | CrowdPoint Technologies

Here is a brief summary on our most frequently asked questions - more information to come soon!


What is CrowdPoint?

The CrowdPoint Blockchain Ecosystem is a global assembly of identities working together to create a new era in interconnected digital living.  CrowdPoint Exchange combines emerging technologies in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Compaction, Cryptology, and Blockchain to return to every person in this world the power of their human identity. CrowdPoint Exchange revolutionizes traditional financial, political, and social systems through a democratized digital framework to give all netizens a fair and open Internet. We are your trusted agent in an untrusted world.

What is CrowdPoint Exchange?

CrowdPoint Exchange is our digital marketplace exchange built on blockchain, where consumers and businesses may securely purchase and transact for goods and services through an interest-based matching service.

Why Blockchain?

The development of the Blockchain is changing the ability to harness mass movements. New opportunities are arising particularly in the crowdsourcing sector. Now all people can simultaneously access data, value, or information in a BlockChain Ecosystem.  

Is CrowdPoint Exchange available internationally?

CrowdPoint is a global technology platform and is rapidly expanding the markets in which it operates. An international rollout of the full platform is planned for the near future. All products and services may not be available in certain territories and markets. Please be sure to subscribe to the company mailing list for announcements and updates.

CrowdPoint University

How much is the cost to access CrowdPoint University?

CrowdPoint University courses and training are available to all users of CrowdPoint at no cost.   

What kind of training does CrowdPoint University offer?

CrowdPoint University offers courses and training that encompass all aspects of the technology available from CrowdPoint, including: artificial intelligence, blockchain, compaction, cybersecurity, data, and the CrowdPoint platform.

CrowdPoint Partner Programs

 How do I become a seller on CrowdPoint Exchange?

CrowdPoint invites you to apply to join our partner programs by signing up online.

Are there different commission structures for Distributors & Resellers?

Distributors and Resellers are paid the same commission rates, but only Distributors may list their own products on the Exchange.

Fees & Pricing

What is the cost to join the CrowdPoint Exchange?

CrowdPoint offers three ways to join the Exchange. 

  • Distributor $5,000
  • Resellers    $2,500
  • Technician $100

Fees are assessed and paid annually for all partner program tiers on the anniversary of your sign up date.

Distributors and Resellers who are interested in operating as a technician gig-partner must pay a separate fee and pass the requisite background check.

Distribute on CrowdPoint Exchange

How do I add my product?

Distributors may list products on the Exchange. All products must meet the quality assurance guidelines set by CrowdPoint.

What types of products or services can be listed on the CrowdPoint Exchange?

CrowdPoint operates industry-specific exchanges where users may purchase goods or services through an online marketplace. We invite you to apply for product approval.

What are the guidelines for approval?

All products and services must be legally able to sell on an online marketplace as established by state or federal law; meet safety and regulatory guidelines for general public consumption and use, as recommended by the relevant governing or oversight agency. 

Distributors must manufacture, own, or possess distribution rights to partner with CrowdPoint. Distributors must demonstrate that you own the trademark for your brand. Distributors licensing third-party brands, must prove rights to distribute, market, and sell under the third-party brand.

We are a growing platform and invite all interested partners to apply. We will be publishing additional guidelines as we learn what products fit our marketplace and work best to create value for everyone using the platform.

Does CrowdPoint offer exclusive rights to distribute in a specific industry-category, market area, or product/service?

No. We believe that non-exclusive, unrestricted access to markets and trade is integral to creating a platform where all users receive equitable and fair benefits. As the platform grows with buyers, sellers, and transactional volume, the overall value of the platform increases and user experience improves for all users.

Data Revenue Sharing

How much can individuals make by sharing their data?

We believe that individuals should be in charge of their data, and have a right to control the use of their data. When an individual joins CrowdPoint’s advocacy and data privacy program, they have the ability to validate, verify, and share new data to their profile. We protect and secure your information and act on your behalf to capture the value your data provides companies. We are currently creating a value-generation table to highlight potential earnings. As more people opt-in and use our platform, the overall value grows collectively benefiting each individual in our network.

Sharing CrowdPoint with Others

Can partners use social media to market CrowdPoint products or services?

We thank you for using CrowdPoint and welcome you to post on social media. Be sure to use your affiliate tracking link, so you can earn from social sharing.

When is the anticipated launch date?

CrowdPoint is emerging out of stealth after a year of product development and market testing. We will begin rolling out in select markets in the next 60 days. We project new market expansion at an aggressive rate quarter-over-quarter.