KePro - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients?

Pasteurized, grass-fed (A2 protein), whole milk, organic whole coconut & cultures.

Where is KePro made?

Made in the USA in a small batch commercial kitchen in the beautiful farm country of Northern Georgia.

Does KePro require refrigeration?

Yes, live cultures should be kept cold (not frozen) to maintain efficacy. 

How do you take KePro?

Add 1 cup of your choice of liquid plus 1/2 cup of your choice of fruit/veggies to blender & blend for at least 20 seconds or until smooth.

How much do you take and how often?

You can eat it straight out of the bag or add it to your favorite smoothie, yogurt or any food dish that is not warm/hot.

Starter bag users need to slowly build up to 1 scoop per day.

We recommend starting adults out with ¼ scoop for 3-5 days, if no symptoms are visible, continue to move up to 1/2scoop then level off at 1 scoop for the average adult.


Starter adult                                                                        Healthy adult 20 scoops per month

¼ scoop -5 days 1.25 scoops per week

½ scoop -5 days 2.5 scoops per week

1 scoop  -5 days 5 scoops per week total = 16.5 scoops per month

Starter child                                                                          Healthy child 10 scoops per month

1/8 scoop - 5 days  .625 scoops per week

¼ scoop – 5 days   1.25 scoops per week

½ scoop – 5 days   2.5 scoops per week  total= 5 scoops per month


1 adult or 2 children                            20 scoops = reg bag

1 adult & 1 child                                    30 scoops = large bag

2 adults & 1 child                                 60 scoops = 1 reg bag plus 1 large bag

Can infants and babies consume KePro?

Consult your child’s physician.

What happens if I consume too much KePro?

Kepro is loaded with healthy fiber and too much fiber can become sluggish in your digestive tract. Good hydration will help keep things moving.