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How can I be successful in the CrowdPoint Decentralized Cloud Ecosystem?

Top Tips for Associates, Distributors, Resellers, and Technicians be effective Affiliates to the Blockchain Ecosystem

    The Blockchain Ecosystem found an excellent article from AFFISE.COM
     We have taken most of their work and modified it below.  However, we recommend that you read the original article.

    Top Tips for Blockchain Ecosystem Partners to Promote our Technology & Services

    For the last few years, affiliate marketing has been a popular way of making money online. But joining an affiliate program does not yet mean succeeding in it.

    Every year the industry sees a growing number of new affiliates who enthusiastically enter the market, claiming to earn millions. And also, every year the industry witnessed a considerable number of unscrupulous Affiliate publishers who enter multiple programs and just insert affiliate links wherever they can. 

    Obviously, with an approach like that, Affiliates don’t earn expected millions. The majority make almost nothing. A part of them get discouraged and quit, leaving comments on forums that affiliate marketing is dead and you can’t really earn there. The other part starts to analyze their actions and try to correct the mistakes made. 

    A bunch of questions then arise:

    • How to prevent these mistakes and market products effectively?
    • What distinguishes an earnest and professional Affiliate publisher from the one who is here for quick money?
    • What are the tips newbies need to succeed and be taken seriously by advertisers? 

    Let’s figure it out step by step. 

    They say you can earn a lot in affiliate marketing. Is it true?

    Indeed some people claim that it is possible to earn up to million dollars per year with affiliate marketing. But let’s be frank, and also realistic. You can’t make a fortune in affiliate marketing overnight. It will take a lot of time and effort before it becomes a significant passive income. 

    Success in affiliate marketing is about persistence and continuing nature. Once you finally get $ 300 per day, nobody can guarantee that it will be your minimum daily earning.

    Affiliate marketing is about building momentum and the accumulation of your efforts drive success,  For example, you may get nothing for several months; then, after a while, you start to receive your first commissions.

    The Blockchain Exchanges offer a side hustle, one where we provide content for you to make somewhat of a modest income, and for some, a bigger profit and lifestyle.

    As a rule of thumb, successful affiliates know how to choose the right niche and the right strategy. A general rule of thumb for successful affiliates is to have several or a "quilt" of affiliate gigs.

    Unfortunately, there are plenty of opposite cases when affiliate marketers went from high incomes to very low production.  It is about knowing when to get in and when to leave.

    If it is possible to achieve the desired income in affiliate marketing, how can affiliates avoid mistakes and succeed?   

    In the next paragraphs, we will share several recommendations that will help you gain more online visibility for our brand, and for that matter, any products you choose to promote: 

    • Treat every product as your own

     We aren't looking for those who want to “register and leave a link” and spam massively with poorly written emails and substandard advertising content.

    We want you to belong to our cause.  We are hoping that you develop the feeling that every Blockchain Ecosystem product you promote is something you really believe in.  This should be true for any product you may choose as an Affiliate for any company.

    The way you promote a product is a reflection of you and your success in digital marketing relies on the amount of energy you put into your efforts.

    The Blockchain Ecosystem is pragmatic about your potential.

    We don't expect exclusivity.  We hope for integrity and enthusiasm.  After all, we recognized that you will probably work with dozens or hundreds of different projects.

    We agree with Affise.com:

    The result in performance marketing is not merely about referring to a product but about presenting it in a way other customers would like to purchase it. In the end, your earning depends on the product’s success.


    We don't require you to produce quality content, we produce it for you.  The better the content quality and professionalism, the more chances you will have to attract and convert customers while you sleep.

    We want you to be a successful marketer.  We have spent a lot of time, money, and analysis to identify what is essential for our customers and give them what they want.

    We will help you to create a good reputation and our marketing will build positive emotional responses.  This should increase your percentage of cold market conversion.

    • Don’t neglect quality for the sake of quantity

    The correlation of time spent in affiliate marketing and income received is not directly proportionate. In fact, it's not an immediate snowflake becoming a snowball then becoming an avalanche effect. Nobody can guarantee that every new affiliate program will bring you the same high profit.

    This is because of the disparity in skillsets between Affiliates, some may bring a lot; others may bring less. However, what is true is that quality and diligence put into promotion pays back.

    We don't want you to just email or post online our product, we want you to leverage the power of the content we built for you.  In our analysis most Affiliates can neglect quality to quantity and, as a result, fail to perform well.

    We recognized this.  The Blockchain Ecosystem is unique, we provide the resources for you to be successful.  Sometimes having fewer programs but well-promoted and professionally done marketing material can bring more income than multiple products. 

    The advantage of this is that all you need to do is apply some effort using the creativity The Blockchain Ecosystem Exchanges deliver. 

    • Diversify the channels of promotion

    It is not a secret that some platforms serve better than others for different affiliate niches. Traditionally, Affiliate programs will only allow an applicant to publish or drive online sales if they qualify.  This often includes the Affiliate candidate to demonstrate that they have diverse experience with promotional platforms.

    Sometimes, reseller programs will require you to show different examples of your work across these mediums:


    Top Tips for Affiliates to Promote Products


    Here is the good news:  The CrowdPoint Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange (CBEX) provides those mediums for you! 

    Social Media

    Social media platforms are a great place to share information on your product in a less promotional way. One of its advantages is a huge and diverse audience. Let’s dive into the three most popular social media platforms among affiliate marketers; they are Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and Facebook. 

    1. Instagram

    The transformation of Instagram from being a platform that "just shared favorite pictures” to “the whole cycle of product promotion” has been groundbreaking. At first, Instagram was more about influencers.

    It was not easy to track the results; thus Instagram was mainly used for brand awareness campaigns. However, with the progress in new features, it became possible to open up for CPA campaigns. 

    A CPA or cost-per-action campaign (also known as pay-per-performance (PPM) or cost-per-acquisition (CPA)). This means the Blockchain Ecosystem pays out if a user clicks AND does a specific ACTION. in this case, purchases our product or service.

    How can our affiliates work with CPA campaigns on Instagram?

    Right now, there are options to shop directly from Instagram or get forwarded to install an app or register for an event, etc.

    Our Affiliates have more options to promote products: 

    • Leave an affiliate link in the Instagram bio; 
    • Add a link into paid promotional posts;
    • Include a link into comments under a post;
    • Instead of links affiliates can use coupons with discounts or incentives; 
    • Shoppable tags;
    • Stories with links.

    CBEX will be employing all of these tactics and will have a team to assist you with the content.

    2. Pinterest

    You can think of Pinterest as a media search engine. People usually go there for inspiration. But once they dive into a variety of Pinterest offers, they realize that all these products are a minute away. It is not something made up, limited, or out of stock. It is a product that you can easily purchase. 

    While going through nice pictures, users don’t at first realize which merchant stands behind a product. They do not set brand names or price limits once they load a website. It is an excellent chance for some brands to become more recognizable worldwide. Thus if you come up with effective attracting dashboards, your chances to attract customers are very high.


    How do you do that?

    On your page, you create pins that connect site visitors with different products and lead to product pages, should visitors be interested. 

    Here is how CBEX helps to make that work:

    • Affiliates can add affiliate links to pins that lead directly to the product website;

    Which products are the best for Pinterest?

    Pinterest is a great place for content on fashion, travel destinations, DIY, cooking, books, design, blogging about blogging, painting, goods for kids, etc.

    • CBEX has a DIY technology diagnostic tool, like a WebMD for Computers.
    • CBEX has very special educational programs for children.

    3. Facebook

    Facebook also retains its position among the most popular social platforms for affiliate marketing. There are several ways to leverage this platform for product promotion.

    You can run Facebook ads; this is probably the most effective way to reach Facebook’s audience of billions of people. And in comparison to annoying popups, Facebook ads are very user-friendly. 

    In this way, you can see many Amazon products advertised on Facebook. They appear in the Users Newsfeed, among all the other updates that users receive from their friends and family.  Some ads might be even hard to distinguish apart from users’ posts if one scrolls fast. 

    The other way is to share information through Facebook posts either on personal or business pages.

    Our team will research industry-related communities and point you to try and outreach to the owners of the groups with CBEX promotional material.

    In some cases, you might have to pay for the listing, unless your content has educational value along with the promotional one. CBEX will work with you to build educational content to help you get in the door.

    If you find a group you want to get into.  We will help you do it free of charge.  Our marketing team will help you position a cross-promotional effort and work together to publish guest posts on our CBEX Business and your Personal Business page.


    Blogging is not dead in 2020. People are still looking for information online and read what provides value. Thus starting a blog, creating a long-term content strategy and SEO optimizing your content is a good way for affiliates to both develop their brand and promote products.

    The most common article types that work in affiliate marketing are product reviews, product comparison, step-by-step guides, selection of best tools, recommendations, experience sharing, infographics, expert opinions with intuitive examples of product, etc. 

    If you don’t have enough time to write articles regularly, you can always invite guests, authors. There are plenty of people outreaching with articles’ ideas. Just make sure that they go in line with your content strategy, and you can also use this content. 

    You may have seen some bloggers leaving small paragraphs on top or bottom of their texts about the possible presence of affiliate links. Nowadays, it is considered a good tone to disclose one’s participation in affiliate programs. And in some instances, it is very appropriate. When leaving these notes, some bloggers can also add that those are only products they trust themselves. We will never know whether it is true or not, but being frank with your audience is a good tone.

    CBEX will partner with you to write blogs with you to build your expert brand.

    Video Marketing

    Everything that you can do when blogging, you can transform into video blogging. CBEX has content for you to use.  Our team can work with you to help write content for you and even provide video blogging by having CBEX leaders join you in a video blog.  This is great if you think that your mind might go blank in front of the camera.

    Video Blogging is effective because sometimes people can get bored with reading.  Blogging using a creative, helpful video is a great alternative. If you teach people how to do something or you demonstrate how products work, the video format can even be better – they show the whole process and make it more accessible and realistic for users. The level of trust grows as they see all tools that you use in the process and that it is all real.

    The most widespread channel is Youtube. Nowadays, many people perceive Youtube not as an entertainment video platform, but as a video search engine. If you look something up in Google, you will often see matching video suggestions pretty high in the search results. And Youtube has a massive audience, that’s a massive argument in favor of doing affiliate marketing there.

    And the type of content that sells on Youtube is not much different from blog posts. It is also about product reviews, step-by-step guides, lists of best tools, recommendation articles, experience sharing, expert opinions, etc.

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing is another excellent way to promote products. Having a considerable email list opens up plenty of opportunities for affiliates.

    CBEX provides them and many times they include phone numbers and our Ellipsis CRM (customer relationship management) solution will also text for you to prospects.

    if you have past contacts you are able to upload them to our CRM and launch automated artificial intelligence campaigns. Nowadays, many people prefer to rely on recommendations from friends, people they know, brands they trust, etc. By subscribing to an email form, people give you their trust; they know that you produce valuable content, and they would like to receive updates from you. 

    CBEX Email campaigns will come in different kinds, shapes, and purposes. They can be promotional and offer products directly, for example, sales announcements or exclusive offers. They can also be more educational, like monthly newsletters, collection of the best tools/ recommendations, case studies, news, updates, etc.

    Free webinars and online courses

    The CBEX APP that is embedded in our 5-in-1 Mobile applications offers a lot of free webinars or online courses available 24/7. The share of valuable educational content inside our APP varies depending on a course. 

    CBEX webinars aim to sell something else. A webinar can aim at a host’s (lecturer’s) product or be purposefully developed to sell other merchants’ products.

    While providing a gist of a webinar topic, a host can start recommending a set of tools needed. For example, the course is about a healthy lifestyle. Inevitably you will get recommendations on certain fitness trackers, healthy sleep apps, fat burners or calorie trackers, etc.

    Ad banner and PPC campaigns

    Besides locating affiliate links to articles and comments under posts, you can also add affiliate links at ad banners on your personal website or on other websites and run PPC campaigns. Our CBEX Popunder banners can be relatively friendly and effective. They are different from popups that appear in the middle of the screen, blocking the entire content. Popunder banners appear only on the side of the content, not blocking the main content. A good choice will also be to place ad banners in the site's header or footer, or in between articles paragraphs.  

    The thing about CBEX ad banners is that CBEX provides them to you. Ad banners alone don’t bring that much profit, add banners in the right place where they can be of use.

    Work with our team to help you. Don’t annoy users with quantity. CBEX will organize your content strategy for you and ensure our ad banners make sense and are useful.


    Even though podcasting has been losing its popularity for the last few years, the great thing about it is its loyal audience. Podcasting is a terrific way to build a story around a product and sell it in a very intuitive way. Podcasts listeners trust the podcast owners a lot. Otherwise, they wouldn’t spend up to 2 hours listening to them. Thus, they will undoubtedly consider their recommendations if the topic is relevant to them. 

    However, CBEX encourages you to find PodCasts you like and invite our leaders to join them and you will reap the links generated!


    The Blockchain Ecosystem recognizes that a great online strategy is important and we want to provide you with the tools to make you successful.  Incorporating Affiliate strategies is a requirement and for our Affiliates, we strive to make you successful.

    According to Cyber Security Ventures, the world will spend $ 1 Trillion to defeat cybercrime.  It seems ludicrous not to put out an affiliate marketing strategy and cast a wide net in multiple languages to help you become successful!