How Does CrowdPoint Membership Work? | CrowdPoint Technologies

These 4 key features separate CrowdPoint from the rest and are how we ensure that you get the most out of the privacy protection journey.

1. The benefits of CrowdPoint's commitment

CrowdPoint believes privacy is your human right. As you partner with us to manage your privacy, you will see the positive change that results from investing your time and hard-earned revenue in us. We offer the most effective (and only) privacy membership program because we focus first and foremost on establishing the benefits our customers want in their digital and physical privacy for their personal life and their businesses. 

2. We offer a single campaign strategy that supports your level of protection

While we hope that our customers share the same motivation to become members or our global cause, we recognize that there are financial considerations. When CrowdPoint created its membership tiers, we considered who our customers are and how much they’re willing to spend monthly or annually. We offer low-cost, mid-tier, and premium options and options to protect your business.

3. We sweeten our memberships with savings

While the long-term benefits of CrowdPoint's cyber privacy solution are great,  cost savings is another important benefit of membership. We offer the opportunity for a free service when you refer to others and discounted prices for following  our privacy campaign plan and taking online classes. 

4. We keep you informed and educated

It’s not enough just to have a membership. We constantly promote best practices for you to follow on your own, or in our program. 

  • Our Ellipsis dashboard will recommend changes for you to make
  • We will send a dedicated email campaign to you providing summaries of global threats that are emerging and helpful tips as part of our program every few weeks
  • We will plug our program on social media.
  • We have only membership events or at a location with a one-time special content and offers 
  • Around the holidays, we will encourage you to incentivize your friends and family to purchase memberships, and if they do, we'll add in a free gift for the purchaser.
  • We donate proceeds to a foundation for the protection of children online. 

The Bottom Line

Our memberships for home and business are best in class, and we strive each day to earn and secure your loyalty.