How does Cyber Privacy Exchange protect my cyber privacy?

CPeX protects your cyber privacy through our NoWare™ technology and services.

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Our 6 step process is designed to keep you safe.

There is a global on privacy and you are at risk. CrowdPoint has built a plan that has 6 steps that use our patented NoWare™ technology and services.

Our 6 phases:

  1. Determine your attack surface
  2. Outline the most vulnerable targets on your devices
  3. Remove dangerous sites and apps
  4. Add identity theft protection as a fail safe
  5. Establish data protection measures on personal information and email
  6. Monitor your online presence as you maintain a low risk profile

Our in-depth and holistic approach to cybersecurity protects your privacy in the digital domain and physical world. CrowdPoint mitigates vulnerabilities before an attacker can gain access.

We will work tirelessly to ensure you, and your devices are protected.