How is CrowdPoint's Privacy Policy Different from Other Company?

We are compliant with all the Privacy Standards

We use your data to help you identify the Privacy threats unique to you. CrowdPoint's policy is to anonymize all data to protect your privacy.

As a condition of becoming a Broker, Agent, and Partner, a privacy handling agreement is signed.  All members of our alliance follow our policies so that the entire alliance is protected.

As a result, all Companies who join our Alliance as partners or customers follow this practice. When you chose to do business with companies that are protected by the alliance you further the cause and protect yourself at the same time.

What's more, when you join our cyber privacy campaign, we remove your data that's been leaked onto the dark web, or available on the world wide web.  This removal of data gives hackers a smaller target by reducing your attack surface while giving you a clean slate.  Our military-grade protection extends your protection indefinitely from that point forward. Our customer data is the most protected in the industry - so much so that we guarantee it.