What cost savings can I expect with my $99 annual membership?

With PC and internet usage rising substantially, the demand for quick tech fixes has risen dramatically as well. Having your PC break down can easily cause hours of troubleshooting, lost time and potentially lost income.

CrowdPoint offers 24/7 online tech support at an affordable price, and delivers a long-lasting and quick solution to your privacy and technology problems at home or for your small business.

CrowdPoint membership provides discounts from 10 to 20% based on the services you choose and your participation in our gamified delivery strategy called a Cyber Privacy Campaign.

There are a plethora of tech-related issues that can happen over the course of a year. CrowdPoint offers access to DIY diagnosis, online learning, events, and the ability to task a technician or invite someone you know to your home to solve the problem — all for $99/year

CrowdPoint Membership Features:

  • Remote computer support services
  • Business services for your office
  • Money-back guarantee with no questions asked
  • A focus on an intelligent, interconnected privacy plan upfront so you know what to expect 
  • Supports mobile devices, smart homes, and Wi-Fi networks
  • In-person help, scheduled at your convenience
    • We take your health and safety seriously, and follow social distancing and sanitization guidelines recommended by the CDC
  • Fixed-price or subscription-based plans
  • Additional in-home services like TV mounting and camera installation

CrowdPoint is Made in the U.S.A.

CrowdPoint specializes in AI technology as the world's first cyber privacy provider. A CrowdPoint membership delivers experienced and professional online systems designed and catered for efficient support. Moreover, our CrowdPoint app has online-based solutions and can deliver assistance on-demand. In addition, all CrowdPoint technicians are located locally.

CrowdPoint has a guarantee. If your issue is not fixed — you'll get your money back. 

CrowdPoint, based in Austin Texas, has a 24/7/365 customer care system. In addition to privacy protection, cybersecurity, computer repair, we offer a variety of technical and physical privacy services that include TV mounting, virus removal, and security installations.

Speed and Quality of Service

CrowdPoint membership ensures we fix the problem as soon as possible. Our ability to finding a fix computer software issues online skips the process of appointment booking and over the phone troubleshooting, which can be frustrating and time consuming.

Our technicians use a secure connection to diagnose the computer from a remote location. This process includes a technician accessing your device remotely as they get the problem sorted out, but rest assured, you can watch them work and can see everything being done. This ensures transparency that your data is not being stolen or misused.