PHASE 4: Stabilize a level of consistent privacy protection and security

After realizing success in establishing dominance over the threat the first step is to stabilize the environment

Stabilizing the network environment enables the complementary efforts of departments and parties in the network. The initial efforts of cybersecurity professionals aim to stabilize the network health situation within the operational network and immediate business ecosystem.

These efforts may include assessments of the system such as infrastructure, staff, training and education, logistics, and software vulnerabilities and programs. Achieving measurable progress requires early coordination and constant dialog with other members; ultimately, this also facilitates a successful transition from cyber security-led efforts to nontechnical departments.

Essential tasks may include— • Assess public and private network hazards within their organization.

Assess existing software and hardware infrastructure including preventative and configuration management and gold-standard software deployment templates.

Evaluate the need for additional security capabilities.

Repair existing deficient systems

Operate or augment the operations of existing systems.

Prevent malware epidemics through immediate device vaccination.

Support improvements to local network capacity.

Promote and enhance the network infrastructure.