PHASE 5: Sustain a level of consistent privacy protection and security

Cyber, the 5th Domain of Warfare is highly asymmetric and it requires a high level of sustainment in defense

Given the extended nature of Cyberwarfare and security, teams must maximize all available assets to accomplish missions in each of the levels of effort for network security and sustain staff and organization proficiency, technology fitness, and human factors training, culture, and well-being. A means to maximize the employment of all assets is referred to as team-to-task analysis. 

This process enables organizations to correctly assign tasks to units of appropriate size and capabilities. Often conducted during an organization decision-making process and planning session, leadership, managers, and supervisors begin the team-to-task analysis by determining a standard size element to use as an organizational baseline. The teams determine the resources available. Then, the teams lists and prioritize each task and determine the resources required to accomplish each task using the baseline organizational unit as a measure.

Finally, the strategic, operational, and management level leadership uses the CISO’s planning guidance to array resources and assign tasks.