1. Ellipsis Support

What are the steps for a Distributor to work with Technicians?

Our number one goal at CrowdPoint is to drive revenue. In order to drive revenue for you, we need to have an agreement that appoints you as a distributor and reseller.

If you are a Distributor, this will enable you to recruit your technicians and place them into our system so that they can support you online directly and you can realize revenue for products sold.

When CrowdPoint drives continuous traffic to your CTA (Call To Action Pages) as a Distributor, you are in a unique situation. You have your page and 3 other pages that are supported by your 3 technicians. This means you have 4 Impressions rather than one.
The first step for a Technician is to get traffic on their site or chat and to have a Distributor assigned. To do that, we need to have an agreement that protects the Distributor and the Technician. With the agreement, we give you the opportunity to refer or find your Technicians.
With those documents in place, we can begin to build Search Engine Optimization and ensure your click-through rate is accurate.