What does A.I.3 mean? I see it all over your website and marketing!

Artificial Intelligence to the power of 3 that ensures your Cyber Privacy defense-in-depth is preemptive, preventive, and proactive:

It has been said by many that Human intelligence revolves around adapting to the environment using a combination of several cognitive processes.

In the Cyber Domain, given that it has so many similarities to Land, Sea, and Air Warfare, and given that so few data scientists have been in a war, a kind of cognitive dissonance has developed in the kinds of approaches to defending someone's digital risk.

The leadership at VRAI TECH has many years in the field of Artificial intelligence and has focused on designing its technology to mimic human behavior. VRAI's ability to mimic human behavior is considered Artificial Intelligence. As such they have focused on 3 key factors:

__Intelligent __Interconnected __Immunity (1)
VRAI's solution is delivered through a high level and coherent explanatory framework that mimics specific human behavior augmented by machines that learn. VRAI's solution recognizes that because there is an interdependence in software and hardware a defense-in-depth for them must be interconnected in order to be effective. VRAI's solution creates a state within a computing environment that makes it insusceptible to malware and through its defense-in-depth builds an effective resistance to the virus attacks

Additionally, you will see the concepts of Preemptive, Preventive, and Proactive in many of our documents.

This is because the main goal when defending terrain in combat is to weaken or reduce the threat's ability to mass their forces to defeat you.  A key concept in the military decision-making process is to disrupt the opponent's ability to do this. 

There are three key elements to winning the fight. 

  1. Create an environment that limits the opponent to effectively execute their plan by being preemptive.
  2. Place obstacles in place that prevent the opponent's ability to maneuver.
  3. Design features in your defense-in-depth that offer flexibility and responsive capabilities that allow your forces to be proactive.

With VRAI our A.I.-3 mimics specific human behavior derived from over 5,000 years of learning combat behavior in highly asymmetric environments.  As such we are able to deliver a solution that is preemptive, preventive, and proactive:

__Preemptive __Preventative __Proactive

Preemptively repair and clean your technology and data

Preventively close the gaps before a hacker can exploit them Proactively keep your home, family, and business safe from evolving harm



It is the unique combination of A.I.-3 programming with preemptive, preventative, and proactive technology and services that make VRAI's approach and technology to traditional Anti-Virus and Cyber Security. Our Cyber Privacy Technology and Services offer Virus Immunity because we get ahead of the threat or breach. In combat circles, this is sometimes referred to as getting "Left of Bang."

__ Left of Bang