What is the Cyber Privacy Marketplace in the Decentralized Cloud Ecosystem?


The Information Technology Exchange Mission:

To horizontally and vertically unite IT services, software, hardware, storage, peripherals, electronics, communications equipment, semiconductors and semiconductor equipment on our NexGen Decentralized Cloud in order to DEMOCRATIZE the Information Technology Experience for your HUMAN IDENTITY.

About The Information Technology Exchange:

Software and hardware devices can be replaced, and we protect them — but the Cyber Privacy Marketplace also protects the things that cannot be replaced.

We built our own. We understand the importance of commerce. That is why The Exchange is helping to move beyond the purely speculative aspects of using Cryptography. The Exchange leverages the power of the Crowd to compress time to the point of efficiency. The Exchange provides Wall Street-like capabilities using Main Street practicality enabling our customers to leapfrog beyond large slow-moving enterprise organizations. Our first goal is to free the Human identity from its current online shackles to return value back to where global eCommerce originates: YOU. Our Digital Platforms, when combined with Big Data continuous lead generation, create an interconnected Decentralized Cloud Ecosystem where the consumer always wins.

We bring security awareness and an easy-to-implement strategy into your hands. The Cyber Privacy Marketplace teaches you how to protect yourself by protecting your devices and your personal information — on your devices and when your information is in the hands of others. 

The Cyber Privacy Marketplace:

The Cyber Privacy Marketplace is one of the marketplaces on the Information Technology Exchange.

Today’s digital-first world nearly demands that your personal information is not strictly analog. We help you block data and privacy invasions before they happen.

When it comes to performance, privacy, technology, and how to secure and protect them, the Cyber Privacy Marketplace has you covered — guaranteed.