1. Ellipsis Support

What is your role in our Cause?

Our members, brokers, agents, and technicians believe privacy is a human right and are contributing to defend it.

As global consumers, people are more socially conscious than ever before. Consumers vote with their money by choosing where they do their business and many believe companies must play a role in addressing societal issues. Brands must compete on more than just price as considerations on ethics and social responsibility become more important.

At CrowdPoint, we are looking for our members to help us champion privacy and be a force for good. 

When a business “does the right thing”, results will follow. At CrowdPoint, defending your right to privacy is more than our mission, it is also our business objective.

CrowdPoint’s corporate social responsibility is to defend your right to privacy while delivering proceeds to nonprofit foundations that help others in need. 

Why should you join the CrowdPoint cause?

Choose something you believe in –  Do you believe you should have the freedom to choose if and when you are observed digitally and physically?

Do you believe you should have the freedom not to be disturbed by an unwanted privacy invasion?

Spread the word Cybersecurity is a team sport. Sharing CrowdPoint videos and blogs will help raise awareness.

We invite you to collaborate with our nonprofit partners.  While it's reasonably safe to assume that the charities would like to have extra funds and exposure, we recommend reaching out to them. Working with them to achieve their strategy is just as important.