Cyber Privacy and Cybersecurity — What is the Difference?

Privacy is the right to determine how much you wish to be observed or disturbed digitally or physically. Cybersecurity is a method to secure your privacy digitally.

Cyber Privacy Exchange-WhiteCyber privacy is the fundamental rights you are entitled to in both the cyber and the physical domain.

Cybersecurity – The state of being protected against the criminal or unauthorized use of electronic data, or the measures taken to achieve this.

Cybercrime – There are many forms of cybercrime from financial fraud to cyberstalking, cyber defamation, theft, forgery, and any criminal mischief involving the internet.

Cyber privacy – Is an interdisciplinary effort to ensure the defense of the human right of privacy in the cyber realm, and the necessary operations interwoven to maintain it. 

Land, Sea, Air, and Space are considered to be four domains of warfare.

Cyber is now considered the 5th.

The cyber domain reaches all other domains as it encompasses all networks through their connection to our electronic devices.

At CrowdPoint, our mission is to protect your personal information and online behavioral data from tracking, surveillance, and theft.