What is the definition of a Cyber Privacy Marketplace?

It is a digital platform powered by the Blockchain that ensures Cyber Protection, Performance and Privacy. With an emphasis on Privacy!

Delivers privacy protection technology and services through a global alliance of citizens, organizations and businesses by advocating for your fundamental right to privacy.


In a world where we rely on digital solutions out of convenience and necessity, protecting your personal information benefits you, your loved ones and your business. 

Companies around the world say they are doing all they can to keep their customers' data safe and secure, but the growing shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals is making it difficult to do that. It's estimated that the number of unfilled cybersecurity positions will grow to a staggering 3.5 million by 2021

Cyber Privacy Marketplace has a solution and we need a large group of people to help us defend your right to privacy.

As an internet consumer, your privacy is not guaranteed and your sensitive information is at risk.

CrowdPoint is committed to defending your right to privacy through advanced 4D privacy, cybersecurity, and physical security technologies.