What is the difference between your AI computer repair technology and other computer repair and restoration solutions?

Our technology is proven and fixes issues by their root cause. It was developed to support a highly classified environment in the Department of Defense.

Nearly all computer repair, restoration, and remediation software solutions deal with only the symptoms of computer performance degradation and malware to provide temporary incremental improvements in performance.

__A.I. Computer Repair

Our handheld AI computer repair technology was developed for critical government and military applications, in conjunction with some of the most tech-savvy companies in Silicon Valley.

Our intelligent performance acceleration for connectivity, computing, and cybersecurity uses a time-tested, patented AI-robotic process that takes a digital snap-shot of your computing environment and then rapidly rebuilds that environment from a clean and known-safe structural template. 

The result is a better-than-new, resilient computing environment operating at peak performance.