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What is the Human Identity?

The human identity is recognized as the digital identity created from the body of information about an individual that exists online. A digital identity arises organically from the use of personal information on the web and from the shadow data created by the individual's actions online.

Unique identifiers and use patterns make it possible to detect individuals or their devices. This information is often used by website owners and advertisers to identify and track users for personalization and to serve them targeted content and advertising.

Global commerce has been powered by the Human Identity since the beginning of time. CrowdPoint Technologies' heart of our vision is to build a Blockchain and an Exchange System that places the Human Identity of the Consumer at the center of all transactions. Delivering the consumer a new kind of privacy and rewarding them financially for their participation in distributed eCommerce marketplaces powered by the small, mid-size companies and MicroPreneurs. Capturing those transactions as real value.