What is Zero Day Vs Zero Trust?

The term “zero-day” refers to a newly discovered software vulnerability. Zero Trust is a strategic initiative that helps prevent successful data breaches by eliminating the concept of trust from computing and network architecture.

The term “zero-day” refers to a newly discovered software vulnerability. Because the developer has just learned of the flaw, it also means an official patch or updates to fix the issue hasn't been released.

Too often a software vendor may fail to release a patch before hackers manage to exploit the security hole.

Zero Trust is a security concept that is gaining popularity in Cyber Security circles and its foundation is that nothing should be automatically trusted that is inside or outside of a perimeter.  Instead, technology must verify anything and everything trying to connect to a system before granting access.

This sounds easy but it isn't.  Why?  because the volume and velocity of how we live our interconnected world mean massive amounts of data overload.

CrowdPoint has put a plan in place to solve that.  It creates zones of engagement areas where A.I. can reduce the threat incrementally so that as it passes through each zone, hackers are filtered out and risk is reduced.  And finally when the traffic arrives at your computer, PC or MAC there is a failsafe that makes it impossible for viruses to exist.