What makes the Cyber Privacy Exchange (CPEX) different?

By now, you have heard of Adware, Spyware, Malware, and Ransomware, on our CPeX we focus on delivering NoWare™ — NoWare™ technologies and viruses cannot co-exist.

Cyber Privacy Exchange-WhiteThe Cyber Privacy Exchange's NoWare™ technology is delivered through an iOS and Android app that connects our you to our global team.  Privacy is a human right, join us to defend it.

__Adware __Spyware __Malware __Ransomware





The loudmouth virus of the internet

The spying virus of the internet

The malicious  virus of the internet

The pirate virus of the internet








The virus immunity of the internet

Our NoWare technology and viruses cannot co-exist. 

Viruses can go nowhere because, at CrowdPoint Technologies. . .

We make "nothing" happen.