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Why Create a Business and Consumer Ecosystem on a Decentralized Cloud

A decentralized cloud is a more secure platform for a new kind of ecosystem that operates at the intersection of commercial and capital markets

An ecosystem on a #decentralizedcloud is an assembly of #people, #processes, #technology, and #data where the #human identity in its role as a #consumer, #investor, and #member of a company, work together to form a bubble of economic gain that sustains a #better quality of life.
Our business and consumer Ecosystem contains #fintechinnovation from Mbanq, where better #banking innovation is connected to Vogon-powered #marketplaces composed of main street businesses engaged in #decentralized and distributed commerce.  Distributors and resellers host their own websites for direct contact with their customers. After a purchase, rebates are returned to consumers.
The rebates are aggregated as digital refunds stored in a larger pool of merchant coins that gain value until claimed.
Once claimed, the Human Identity transforms into an investor on a #fintech platform that participates in the ultimate act of giving: helping another Human Identity that had the courage to start a company, create more #jobs, and more products to help others.
An ecosystem circle of transactions sustains economic wealth just as an organic ecosystem sustains life.
When business models lead with sustainability and a sharing mentality, it thrives and grows independently.
Sharing profits with consumers and rebates promotes savings and easy digital investment access. Our Fintech model on a decentralized ecosystem promotes becoming an investor quickly.  
It provides access to capital for a Company member, and members of the ecosystem help build revenue shared with the investor and consumer.
A decentralized cloud ecosystem, like living ecosystems, promotes life and sustainability.