With so many independent agents, how do you prevent insider threats at CrowdPoint Technologies?

Simple, we follow our own rules. We build all our systems using our NoWare Technology and Cyber Privacy Campaign

At CrowdPoint we use the same technology we deploy external to our organization, internally.  We deploy our own Military Grade technology on our own servers.

At CrowdPoint, we believe we are in a new kind of war, a silent war that is robbing the global population of their fundamental Human Right of Privacy.  

A Global War on Privacy!

__ Left of Bang

At CrowdPoint we say often that: We make nothing happen.  That is because we are:

  • Preemptive, Preventative, and Proactive 

We don't wait for "Bang" to happen.  Bang is a breach of your privacy. 

We get left of Bang.

__Intelligent __Interconnected __Immunity (1)
Through our intelligent interconnected immunity approach, customer data is passed securely from the device to CrowdPoint corporate. Unlike the Geek Squad, human eyes never see or touch your personal data in the field. Our AI bot handles everything.